"​Last fall, I started working with Tad Beuchert, with the goal of improving strength and fitness, and losing weight.  Tad knows that I am committed to working hard, and he delivers that same commitment back to me in a supportive and safe environment, always ready with a challenging workout, and excited to see my progress.  His passion for his work does not rest.  He shares his research on training techniques, and motivates and challenges me to work harder every day.  Without him, I was on a path of average outcomes; with him, my path leads to harder work, better performances, and improved outcomes, whether working out at the gym, tracking a ball on the tennis court, or staying energized and focused at my desk.  I hope that others will make the same choice to leave average behind and move forward to the best life possible by choosing to work with Tad."

Jeff Stelman, Attorney at Stelman Law

"I have worked out with Tad as my trainer for the last couple of years to prepare me for my last seasons at Malden Catholic. Having trained at other places prior, I can honestly say Tad was the greatest trainer to get me prepared for my athletic seasons in both hockey and lacrosse. He pushes you to your limit while making it fun at the same time. Greatest trainer I could have asked for and that's why I am going to train with him for many more years to come, because I believe in what he is doing."

Malden Catholic 

Nick Botticelli,

"My son started working with Tad this summer to prepare for his upcoming soccer season with the goal of improving his strength and speed. Tad has done a wonderful job through a thoughtful approach to workout planning in a supportive and safe environment. He is passionate about his work and has done a fantastic job motivating a teenager to challenge himself every day. "​​​

Richard Villiotte, C.O.O, Partner, Congress Wealth Management

"I am a big soccer fan, and thankfully, my three kids have played soccer for a number of years. Two boys are playing DAP (US Soccer Development Academy—Top division), and my younger daughter playing a big club team. My kids have strong passion for being a professional level of soccer player. A few months ago, I sent them to EPiK FITNESS since I heard Tad’s philosophy as a physical trainer. His point is that every sports need a different program, there are of course some basic trainings though. That was the time I strongly needed a program—a kind of explosiveness—fit for my soccer kids. While listening carefully to the young, smart trainer, I said to myself, “That’s it. No question.” Now I am so flattering myself on my unregrettable decision. “It’s working.” I have watched his training sessions and I am witnessing what has happened as the ambitious PT says. I have seen him apply his philosophy to different sports kids. Tad really knows what they need.  We are living between many decisions, and the decisions we make decide our lives.  If you make a decision to be with the EPiK director, I bet you will make a difference."

Seung Gyu Lee

 "Since my son Shea has been going to Epik Fitness training he has seen in increase in his ski race performance both on and off the mountain. His speed and performance has improved along with overall confidence, all because training with Tad gives him a competitive edge advantage. Thank you Tad!!"

"Ashley has been ski racing for the JV Masco ski team as an 8th grader this year and has built strength and agility by training at EPiK Fitness. She’s going into her races with confidence and speed and has been competing and advancing at a Varsity level. Tad does an amazing job with each individual person and sport by customizing training plans around their needs. Thank you Tad!!"


Andrea Hamson

I began training with Tad about a year ago. It's the best thing I could have done for myself. He's guided me to a healthier lifestyle. He's challenged me to push myself to what I would have thought was beyond my capabilities; until I did it. I haven't felt this good in years and I look forward to continuing at Epik Fitness. Thank you, Tad.

Jerry Enos, Owner Jerry Enos Painting, Inc.